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Equipe Daniel Vasiliauskas

Composition de l’équipe

Liste des membres de l’équipe Maintenance de l’Identité Fonctionnelle Neuronale dirigée par Daniel Vasiliauskas.

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2016 NeuroSaclay Lidex Grant.
2014-2018 Marie Curie Career Integration Grant.

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Anderson, C., Reiss, I., Zhou, C., Cho, A., Siddiqi, H., Morman, B., Aviles, C.M., Deford, P., Bergland, A., Roberts, E., Taylor, J., Vasiliauskas, D., and Johnston, R.J., Jr. (2017) Natural (...)

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Maintenance de l’Identité Fonctionnelle Neuronale

Our team is interested in two broad questions : How the nervous system varies in natural populations ? And, how neurons maintain their functional identities ? We use powerful genetic approaches of Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) model organism to address these questions in photoreceptor neurons of the adult retina. Specifically, we focus on Rh8 photoreceptor type which can express one of two Rhodopsins, Rh5 or Rh6. Thus, we are investigating the natural variation of Rh5/Rh6 expression pattern, and also how this pattern is maintained, once it has been established during development.


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