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Equipe Gilles Fortin


Financements institutionnels : Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Université Paris -Sud Ministère de la Recherche et de l’Education (Ecole Doctorale Paris-Sud)
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Selected Publications Hubert A, Harms F, Juvénal R, Treimany P, Levecq X, Loriette V, Farkouh G, Rouyer F and Fragola A. (2019). Adaptive optics light-sheet microscopy based on direct wavefront (...)

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Master Signalisation Cellulaire & Neurosciences, Université Paris-Saclay. Unité d’Enseignement : « Electrophysiologie – Imagerie fonctionnelle »
Master Biologie Cellulaire Physiologie Pathologies (...)

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Composition de l’équipe

Liste des membres de l’équipe Neurobiologie intégrative du cerveau postérieur dirigée par Gilles Fortin.

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Neurobiologie intégrative du cerveau postérieur

The intrinsic logic of neural networks controlling defined circuit functions and behaviours in the central nervous system is a fundamental issue of neuroscience. We study the central control of breathing, a classical model system to
- (1) perform integrative neurobiology and
- (2) extend the significance of developmental biology, beyond anatomical organization to the level of network assembly and function.

Focusing on the inception of this circuit, we identify in the mouse embryo, the progenitor domains that give rise to distinct components of the network that have a vital fate. We use developmental genetics tools, to fate map, follow the migration, impair the connectivity, invalidate and actuate selective neuronal populations in the circuit, to derive the operating principles, provide constituent cells with molecular identities and reveal pre-disposition to dysfunctions. We intend to make sense of cellular identities now investigating cells’ functional and anatomical connectivities by respectively optogenetics combined to phase modulation of optical wave-fronts, and by monosynaptic viral tracing.

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