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Equipe Yves Frégnac


Livres et Thèses
2011 David Colliaux, Classes of neuronal dynamics and experience dependent structured correlations in the visual cortex, In : () Thèse , (2011)
2010 Pierre Yger, Chaos control (...)

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Chercheurs & Enseignants
Yves Frégnac Directeur de Recherche Émérite +331 69 82 34 15 - writemail (’cnrs.fr’,’yves.fregnac’,’ email’,0)
Christophe Desbois (...)

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Cognisciences : intégration et plasticité synaptique dans le cortex visuel

An issue central to the theme of complexity in the dynamics and function of biological networks concerns the inferences that can be made from multiscale measurements ranging from microscopic to macroscopic levels of integration. Our research is based on interdisciplinary approaches ranging from electrophysiology (intracellular sharp and patch recordings, in vivo), network imaging (voltage sensitive dye), psychophysical measurements to functional databasing and phenomenological and computational modeling. The long-term aim is to relate elementary processes of integration (conductance activation) to the emergence of collective « high-order » network properties expressed during low-level (non-attentive) perception.


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