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Equipe Andrew Davison


Livres et Thèses
2001 Andrew Davison, Mathematical modelling of information processing in the olfactory bulb, In : () Ph.D. thesis, University of Cambridge , (2001)
2017 Tomasz Gorski, (...)

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Composition de l’équipe

Liste des membres de l’équipe NeuroInformatique dirigée par Andrew Davison.

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The unique strength of our team is in developing tools for the systematic integration and comparison of experimental findings with reproducible computer models, in order to understand the functioning of generic cortical networks and of the early visual system.
The focus of the Neuroinformatics team within the UNIC lab is on understanding how neuronal properties, synaptic properties and network connectivity interact in giving rise to cortical and sub-cortical network function, using computational approaches.


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