The Multidimensional Brain

Leaders : Sylvie Rétaux, Muriel Perron

The DevEvo Department, at the forefront of basic research, is exploring the molecular, genetic and epigenetic information governing the development, evolution, maintenance and regeneration of the nervous system. DevEvo research groups place particular emphasis on the study of (i) neural stem cells under both homeostatic and pathological conditions and (ii) the evolution of brain morphogenesis and neural patterning.


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Tribute to Karlheinz Meier

Karlheinz was a dear friend, a unique person, a Man of Science that we will always remember, a man of integrity whom we will honor, a man of vision for his physicist and biologist colleagues.
This letter was written on behalf of his friends at UNIC, and all the interdisciplinary PIs and students who participated in this incredible scientific journey under his guidance.
Yves Frégnac Director of UNIC and Biology coordinator of FACETS and BrainScaleS.

- To read the letter (pdf)

- Read more on the HBP website : Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Meier’s Colleagues Pay Tribute To An HBP Hero




Scientific conferences

Neuro-PSI Conference on November 30th, 2018

On Friday, November 30th at 11:00, Shahad Albadri, from the Philippo Del Bene Team, Institut Curie, Paris, will give a talk
« Redox signaling controls the switch between cell proliferation and differentiation in the vertebrate retina. »

Invited by Muriel Perron
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Scientific Themes

S. Creuzet Development-Evolution dept.

J. Wu / G. Fortin Molecules-Circuits dept.

F. Rouyer Molecules-Circuits dept.

JM Édeline Cognition-Behavior dept.

P. Affaticati / A. Jenett Development-Evolution dept.

D. Shulz UNIC

A. Veyrac / S. Laroche Cognition-Behavior dept.

C. Huetz / JM Édeline Cognition-Behavior dept.

D. Vasiliauskas Molecules-Circuits dept.

M. Perron Development-Evolution dept.

J. Fournier / Y. Frégnac UNIC

S. Rétaux Development-Evolution dept.





ERC Consolidator Grant 2019

Paris-Saclay training sessions 6-7 November, 2018

NeuroFrance 2019

Proposals for the next meeting in Marseille, 2019 May 22-24.

The Bioacoustic Winter School

Registrations in June for the 2019 session (January 7-18)

Available jobs

Engineer position : Multi-dimensional data visualization

The position is funded by the Lidex Paris-Saclay program BRAINSCOPE

Engineer position : Bio-inspired toy robot with reinforcement learning

We are looking for an engineer with skills in reinforcement learning, programming, and/or robotics

Thesis Projects in 2018

BioSigne and SDSV Thesis Projects

15 PhDs in Insect Chronobiology

H2020 funding for 36 months from september 2018

POSTDOCTORAL position in Integrative Neuroscience

FRM Team : neural proceesing, neuromodulation and sensory plasticity

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