The Multidimensional Brain

Leaders : Jean-Marc Edeline, Valérie Doyère

Understanding the neuronal basis of cognitive functions as perception, communication, decision-making, learning and memory, but also identifying mechanisms involved in pathologies or in alterations of these functions, are the main objectives of our work in the Department.

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Scientific conferences

Neuro-PSI Conference on September 29th

On Friday, September 29th, Ariane Ramaekers from the ICM, Brain Development Laboratory, Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris, wiil give a talk on this following topic « What big eyes you have - Logic and mechanisms of size variation in Drosophila nervous system. »
Invited by Sylvie Rétaux
- See the pdf

UNIC Conference on September 25th

On Monday, September 25th, Ptofesseur Tansu Celikel (of the Neurophysiology Department at the Donders Center
for Neuroscience (Netherlands)
wiil give a talk on this following topic
« Sensory consequences of adaptive motor control »

Invited by Daniel Shulz
- See the pdf

Neuro-PSI Conference on September 22nd, 2017

On Friday, September 22nd, Kishore Kuchibhotla from the Johns Hopkins University, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, USA will give a talk on this following topic
« Cortical inhibition as a gateway for context in sensorimotor decision-making. »

Invited by Brice Bathellier, UNIC
- See the pdf




Cog-Behav Teams

Sensory Neuro-Ethology

Nicolas Mathevon

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Plasticity and Memory

Serge Laroche, Cyrille Vaillend

Neurobiology of Decision-making

Sylvie Granon

Neural Code and Auditory Perception

Jean-Marc Édeline, Catherine Del Negro

Cognition & Emotion

Valérie Doyère, Nicole El Massioui

Acoustic Communications

Thierry Aubin, Isabelle Charrier

Available jobs

POSTDOC position at UNIC

A postdoc position in Brice Bathellier Team, UNIC, a project of the Brainscopes Program run by
Thomas Deneux (UNIC).

Thesis Projects in 2017

BioSigne and SDSV Thesis Projects


CLIPS 2017 Symposium, September 12-13

Multiscale live imaging in Human, Animal and Plant Health The purpose of this symposium is to favor innovation for live imaging from architectural and molecular imaging to modeling of biological processes.

NeWS Neuroscience Workshop Saclay 2017, June 8-9

Neural circuits and behavior: from cells to connectivity and function.

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