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Engineer position : Multi-dimensional data visualization

Engineer position : Multi-dimensional data visualization.







We are looking for an engineer with skills in data visualization, graphic UI/UX programming, and/or machine learning to contribute to and promote an open-source visualization project named XPLOR.
XPLOR is a unique visualization software developed by the Computing and Data Science team at CNRS laboratory UNIC (Unit of Neuroscience, Information and Complexity). It offers smooth navigation inside large multi-dimensional data and fast extraction of meaningful information. It allows the exploration and fast interpretation of large volumes of neurobiology imaging data, yet it is a powerful generic platform with potential applications to all domains treating with large multi-dimensional data. Further developments of the software can include new visualization modes or linkages between different displays, as well as the inclusion of machine learning algorithms to automatically extract regularities in the data (e.g. clustering, dimension reduction, etc.).
In addition to his technical skills, the engineer should display a sense of initiative, as he will be offered an important freedom to decide in which direction to develop the software, to best satisfy the needs of potential users. He will therefore meet several research teams inside the Neuropsi Institute (the CNRS unit to which UNIC laboratory belongs) and discuss with them the needed functionalities. He will have the choice between further developing the Matlab version of XPLOR, or moving it to Python. He will also be encouraged to find new usages, and study whether industrial applications exist.

The position is for one year. It is funded by the Lidex Paris-Saclay program BRAINSCOPE.
Salary : CNRS Research Engineer, gross salary 2,471€ to 2,664€ per month according to experience.

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