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Selected Publications

Alejevski, F., Saint-Charles, A., Michard-Vanhée, C., Martin, B., Galant, S., Vasiliauskas, D., and Rouyer, F. (2019)
The HisCl1 histamine receptor acts in photoreceptors to synchronize Drosophila behavioral rhythms with light-dark cycles.
Nature Communications 10, Article number : 252, DOI:10.1038/s41467-018-08116-7

Anderson, C., Reiss, I., Zhou, C., Cho, A., Siddiqi, H., Morman, B., Aviles, C.M., Deford, P., Bergland, A., Roberts, E., Taylor, J., Vasiliauskas, D., and Johnston, R.J., Jr. (2017) Natural variation in stochastic photoreceptor specification and color preference in Drosophila. eLife, 6, e29593.58.

Rister, J., Desplan, C., and Vasiliauskas, D. (2013) Establishing and maintaining gene expression patterns : insights from sensory receptor patterning. Development 140, 493-503.

Hsiao, H.Y., Johnston Jr., R.J., Jukam, D., Vasiliauskas, D., Desplan, and C., Rister, J. (2012) Dissection and Immunohistochemistry of Larval, Pupal and Adult Drosophila Retinas. J. Vis. Exp. (69), e4347, doi:10.3791/4347.

Vasiliauskas, D., Mazzoni, E.O., Sprecher, S.G., Brodetskiy, K., Johnston, R.J.Jr., Lidder, P., Vogt, N., Celik, A., and Desplan, C. (2011) Feedback from Rhodopsin controls rhodopsin exclusion in Drosophila photoreceptors. Nature, 479, 108-12.

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