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Cortical dynamics and multisensory processing

The Bathellier team is investigating the computational principles of auditory and multisensory processing. To this end, we combine advanced mathematical analysis and theoretical modeling with a large array of experimental approaches, including two-photon calcium imaging, endoscopy, multichannel electrophysiology, optogenetics and mouse behavior.

The team also develops models capturing the specific features of biological learning observed during behavioral training.

The main projects of the team includes the analysis of neural population representations of sounds across the mouse auditory system, exploration of the circuit mechanisms underlying auditory-visual or olfactory-tactile interactions in mouse perception and the causal investigation of brain mechanisms underlying auditory discrimination learning.

More information available at https://www.bathellier-lab.org/.

Selected Publications

Kuchibhotla, K. & Bathellier B., Neural encoding of sensory and behavioral complexity in the auditory cortex. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 52:65-71 (2018)

Benjamin Roland, Thomas Deneux, Kevin Franks, Brice Bathellier and Alexander Fleischmann, Odor identity coding by distributed ensembles of neurons in the mouse olfactory cortex, Elife 6 : (2017)

Thomas Deneux, Alexandre Kempf, Aurélie Daret, Emmanuel Ponsot and Brice Bathellier, Temporal asymmetries in auditory coding and perception reflect multi-layered nonlinearities, Nature Communications 7 : 12682, (2016)

Yves Frégnac and Brice Bathellier, Cortical Correlates of Low-Level Perception : From Neural Circuits to Percepts, Neuron 88(1) : 110-126, (2015)

Brice Bathellier, Sui Tee, Christina Hrovat and S Rumpel, A multiplicative reinforcement learning model capturing learning dynamics and interindividual variability in mice., PNAS 110(49) : 19950-5, (2013)

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