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Members of the Unit

Aurélie Daret
Assistant Engineer
+331 69 82 34 26 -


Aline Ginois
Assistant Engineer
+331 69 82 34 29 -


Guillaume Hucher [+]
Assistant Engineer
+331 69 82 34 41 -


Irina Kopysova
+331 69 82 34 50 -


Selected Publications

Thomas Deneux, Alexandre Kempf, Aurélie Daret, Emmanuel Ponsot and Brice Bathellier, Temporal asymmetries in auditory coding and perception reflect multi-layered nonlinearities, Nature Communications 7 : 12682, (2016)

Lorraine Perronnet, Maria-Eugenia Vilarchao, Guillaume Hucher, Daniel Shulz, Gabriel Peyré and Isabelle Ferezou, An automated workflow for the anatomo-functional mapping of the barrel cortex, J Neurosci Methods : pii : S0165-0270(15)00341-6. doi : 10.1016/j.jneumet, (2015)

M Russier, Irina Kopysova, N Ankri, N Ferrand and Dominique Debanne, GABA and glycine co-release optimises functional inhibition in rat brainstem motoneurons in vitro, Journal of Physiology London. 541 : 123-137, (2002)

Irina Kopysova, S.M. Korogod and E.Sh. Yanovsky, Possible location of synaptic inputs evoking generation long lasting IPSPs in the pyramidal neurons : simulation study , Neurophysiol. 23 : 728-735, (1991)

Dominique Debanne, Irina Kopysova, H. Bras and N Ferrand, Gating of action potential propagation by axonal A-like potassium conductance in the hippocampus : A new type of non-synaptic plasticity , J.Physiol. (Paris) 93 : 1-12, (1999)



Former members

Hélène De Gavre Assistant Engineer
Justine Dionisi Assistant Engineer
Paul Galloux Engineer
Sylvie Lamour Assistant Engineer
Katherine Leroux Engineer
Olivier Manette Engineer
William Pajot Engineer
Alvino Rakotoherifanja Engineer
Timothy Perera Alvino Rakotoherifanja Engineer
Gérard Sadoc Engineer


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