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POSTDOC position at Neuro-PSI


A postdoctoral position is available at NeuroPSI (Gif-Sur-Yvette, France) in the group of Sophie Creuzet ”Neural Crest : Development and Evolution”. The project is focused on the implication of neural crest-­‐derived meninges in brain homeostasis. It aims at understanding how the cephalic neural crest (CNC), a multipotent structure, which provides the developing forebrain with meninges and a functional microvasculature, exerts a deterministic role in the biology and physiology of choroid plexus, and regulates the production of cerebro-­‐spinal fluid. More specifically, our project aims at understanding how the dysfunctions of CNC cells, and the meninges they form, could affect the development of the intracerebral vascular network and eventually cause neurodevelopmental defects.


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Highly qualified and motivated candidate, who have completed a PhD in Developmental Biology or in Neurosciences, and with the following research skills are encouraged to apply: strong background in molecular and cellular developmental biology ; good knowledge in neurobiology of cognitive functions ; experience in micro-­‐surgical manipulations of embryonic tissues, cell cultures ; immunocyto and histochemistry ; Imaging (acqusition and treatment) ; English (written and spoken)

  • Team working skills
  • Organizational skills and motivation
  • Autonomy in project management


The position is funded for 18 months by the Foundation for Medical Research (FRM) ; expected starting date in January 2018.
Please send a CV, two or three references, and a motivation letter to: Sophie Creuzet . Applications will be considered until mid-­‐November 2017 if the position is not yet filled.

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