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Endoscopy in freely behaving mice. NeuroPSI / UNIC, Gif sur Yvette, France.

The BRAINSCOPES program funded by the Paris-Saclay university is looking for a talented scientist to work in a collaborative project run by the laboratories of Brice Bathellier and Gilles Fortin, involving microendoscopic one- and two-photon imaging in deep brain areas.
The project aims to study, in mice, the neuronal population dynamics of genetically identified cell types in brainstem nuclei involved in early auditory processing and in the control of respiratory and locomotor behaviours. In this context, the recruited postdoctoral scientist will be responsible for :

- implementing the insertion of chronic endoscopic lenses according to readily published protocols

- imaging neuronal activity of GCAMP6-labelled neurons using either an Inscopix head-mounted microscope (freely moving conditions), or a two-photon microscope (head-fixed) during complex auditory stimulations and various exploratory behaviours and metabolic conditions.

The project will be run within the novel Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience (NeuroPSI) and the Unit for Neuroscience Information and Complexity (UNIC) located in Gif sur Yvette, 45 min from Paris centre.
The position is available for one year, potentially renewable and is open to candidates with an experimental background (e.g. PhD in Neurophysiology) and motivation to interface with new imaging technologies and cutting edge data analysis techniques. Prior experience with in vivo manipulations of the rodent brain and/or optical imaging is also desirable.

To apply, please contact Brice Bathellier or Julien Bouvier with a CV and contact details of two references.




Related publications :

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