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Conférences de l’I2BC

Recombination-independent recognition of DNA homology for meiotic silencing in Neurospora crassa

Vendredi 1er février 11:00-12:00 - Salle Kalogeropoulos - Bât. 400 Homologous chromosome pairing represents a critical aspect of meiosis in nearly all sexually reproducing organisms. While in some species this process depends on the formation of double-strand DNA breaks, in the others it can (...)

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On how the genome shapes the spore

Jeudi 17 janvier 11:00-12:00 - Bibliothèque- bâtiment 34 Bacillus subtilis is a bacterium with a simple developmental pathway leading to spore formation under conditions of nutrient limitation. Sporulation starts with an asymmetric cell division event, called polar septation, giving rise to two (...)

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Epigenetic reprogramming of rabbit stem cells

Vendredi 25 janvier 11:00-12:00 - Bibliothèque- bâtiment 34 Abstract Pluripotency is the term used to describe the ability of a stem cell to give rise to all cell types in mature organisms. Two main types of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) have been described : naïve and primed. The naïve (...)

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Cytoskeleton club - Controlling microtubule functions with the tubulin code

Mardi 12 février 11:30-13:00 - Bibliothèque - bât. 34 The tubulin code is a signalling mechanism that, by modulating the properties of single tubulin units of microtubules, controls and fine-tunes microtubule functions in cells. The code is generated by the expression of alternative tubulin (...)

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Contact genomic : a new tool to study microbial communities and unveil mobile elements - bacteria relationships in mammalian gut microbiota

Vendredi 15 février 11:00-12:00 - Salle des séminaires- bâtiment 26 Metagenome sequence analysis relies principally on compositional approaches, which hypothesise that sequences sharing similar characteristics (GC%, codon bias, coverage-covariation... etc.) should share the same cellular (...)

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