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The Neuroscience Building

The construction of the Neuroscience Building that will house the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience (Neuro-PSI) has been supported by the governmental program Investissements d’Avenir. The future building will be raised close to Neurospin, the large centre for brain imaging and cognitive sciences, inside the research centre of the CEA at Saclay. It will accommodate the research departments, the technical platforms associated or linked to Neuro-PSI, the services, as well as training and teaching activities, Neuro-PSI NeuroSaclay, together with Neurospin will form the Neuroscience component of the Paris-Saclay University.

This project is led by the CEA for the all the building operation, and is part of the actions
« Opérations campus » and « Développement scientifique et technologique du plateau de Saclay ».

Scientific Director of the project : Philippe Vernier (CNRS).
Head of the project : Xavier Charlot (CEA).
They are accompanied by a team made of personnel from CNRS, Paris-Sud University (UPS) and CEA. It is organized as follows :

  • Management and project engineering : N. Brousse-Ducrocq and Y. Guillaume (CEA),
  • Conductor of operations : C. Beauchesne (CEA),
  • Laboratories : V. Rousseau (UPS) et JM. Hermel (CNRS),
  • Platforms : F. Sohm (INRA),
  • Zootechnics : M. Bardotti (CNRS),
  • Informatics and technical aspects : B. Martin (CNRS),
  • Training and teaching : H. Daniel (UPS)
  • Total surface with the technical rooms and circulation : 18576 m2
  • Floor surface : 16262 m2
  • Usable surface : 11800 m2
  • Staff : 400-420 persons, and about 50 Master students (M2).


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