The Multidimensional Brain

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Thesis Projects in 2017

Doctoral School BIO-SigNE (Signaling and Integrative Networks in Biology) :

- Group leader : Sylvie GRANON
Effect of chronic consumption of sucrose and saccharine on brain activity, neurochemistry, and functions from childhood to old age in mouse models.

- Group leaders : Jean-Marc EDELINE & Catherine DEL NEGRO
Thesis supervisor : José-Manuel CANCELA
Study of the auditory neuronal responses to vocalisations in a mouse model KO for a new family of calcium channel, named the two-pore channels.

- Group leader : Thierry AUBIN
Study of song and territorial behavior of male and female robins (Erithacus rubecula) during and out of the breeding season.

- Group leader : Sylvie GRANON
Thesis supervisor : Brigitte CIAPA & Alexis FAURE
Expression of cell cycle markers and of presenilins associated with brain plasticity changes following stress, aging an learning.

- Group leader : François ROUYER
Identification of sleep circuits in Drosophila.

- Group leaders : Valérie DOYÈRE & Nicole El MASSIAOUI
Thesis supervisor : Valérie DOYÈRE
Impact of a developmental hyper-activation of the amygdala on fear behavior in adult rats and its neurophysiological correlates.

- Group leader : Philippe VERNIER
Thesis supervisor : Philippe VERNIER & Michaël DEMARQUE
Functional impact of the neurotransmitter phenotype plasticity, from the cell to the behavior.

- Group leader : Mohammed TAOUIS
Thesis supervisor : Mohammed TAOUIS & Yacir BENOMAR
Interplay between FGF21, Insulin and resistin/TLR4 signaling pathways in hypothalamic nuclei. Impact on obesity-induced hypothalamic insulin resistance.

- Group leader : Muriel PERRON
Müller cells and retinal regeneration: the role of the Hippo/YAP signaling pathway.

- Group leader : Mohammed TAOUIS
Role of microRNAs on the onset of hypothalamic neuroinflammation and insulin-resistance induced by resistin or high fat diet.

- Group leader : François ROUYER
Synchronization of the circadian clock by the visual system in Drosophila.


Doctoral School (Structure and Dynamics of Living Systems) :

- Group leader : François ROUYER
Thesis supervisor : Brigitte GRIMA
Control of circadian clock genes mRNA stability in Drosophila.

- Group leader : Muriel PERRON
Thesis supervisor : Morgane LOCKER
Redox homeostasis and retinal stem cell proliferation.

- Group leader : Ronald MELKI
Thesis supervisor : Mehdi KABANI
The roles of extracellular vesicles in the vertical and horizontal propagation of prions in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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