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Learning in a T-maze protocol

Learning in a T-maze protocol

Can be used to assess any alterations in memory or learning, following an egocentric learning protocol. More information on ZF-HEALTH.


  • T-maze in plexiglass
  • Food pellets as reward
  • Stopwatch to record time
  • Tracking system (Viewpoint)
  • Adult zebrafish
T maze


  • Start of experiments: Afternoon
  • Duration:10mn per fish
  • Habituation: not necessary
  • Temperature of water: 28°C
  • Temperature of room: 22°C
  • Lighting: Infrared light below T-maze


  • Age of fish: from 3 months onwards
  • Strain: all
  • Feeding: following starving for two days
  • Size of group: 15 fish per genotype
  • Drug exposure: possible, for various times and concentrations
  • Drug administration by injection: possible


We can measure the time needed to find a cue reward in the large arena, and the time spend exploring each arm during the experiment.


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