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Passive avoidance test in adult zebrafish

Passive avoidance test in adult zebrafish

Can be used to assess spatial learning based on changing external visual cues. More information on ZF-HEALTH.


  • 8 tanks divided into two halves with colored cues
  • An electric shocker linked with the tracking system
  • Tracking system (Viewpoint)
  • Adult zebrafish


  • Start of experiments : Afternoon
  • Duration:1hr per fish
  • Habituation : 3 days in the cubicle before test and 3hrs of habituation
  • Temperature of water : 28°C
  • Temperature of room : 22°C
  • Lighting : Infrared light below tanks


  • Age of fish : from 3 months onwards
  • Strain : all
  • Size of group : 8 fish per genotype
  • Drug exposure : possible, for various times and concentrations
  • Drug administration by injection : possible


We can measure the time spent on each side, freezing behavior, good or bad learning response and distance swum.


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