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Measuring swimming activity of zebrafish larvae

Measuring swimming activity of zebrafish larvae

Can be used to assess several locomotion parameters (speed, resting or swimming times, impulsivity…) and place preference. More information on ZF-HEALTH.


  • 24 micro-wellplates
  • Tracking system (Viewpoint)
  • Zebrafish larvae


  • Start of experiments : Afternoon
  • Duration:1hr10mn per fish
  • Habituation : 30mn in the room and 10mn in the Zebrabox
  • Temperature of water : 28°C
  • Temperature of room : 22°C
  • Lighting : Infrared light below plates


  • Age of fish : from 6 days
  • Strain : all
  • Size of group : 20 fish per genotype
  • Drug exposure : possible, for various times and concentrations
  • Morpholino administration by injection : possible
  • Pharmacological analysis after experiments


We can measure the time spent in activity, the duration of swimming, the swimming speed, the distance swum, and activity bursts.


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