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Neuro-PSI Conference on March 30th

On Friday, March 30th, at 11:00, Jean-Pierre Levraud from the Institut Pasteur, Paris / CNRS UMR3738, Département Biologie du Développement et Cellules SouchesK, will give a talk on this following topic
« Imaging host-pathogen interaction in zebrafish - all roads lead to neuroinflammation »

- research.pasteur.fr/en/team/


Invited by Jean-Stéphane Joly

- See the pdf


I am an immunologist with an evolutionary outlook. After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique, I did my PhD on tumor-infiltrating cytotoxic T cells, using mice. I moved to Dictyostelium for my post-doc, and finally chose zebrafish as my main model of study.

I am particularly interested in “regionalized immunity” : how local innate immune responses counteract the propagation of pathogens. For this, I developed models of infection in zebrafish larvae. I will present a few examples of how we can simultaneously image the distribution of the microbe and the immune response, at the whole-body to the subcellular scales.

Recently, I focused on infections with alphaviruses : Chikungunya and Sindbis viruses. We showed that both cross the blood-brain barrier ; surprisingly, while one relies on endothelium infection, the other prefers axonal transport. A potent interferon response mediated by neutrophils soon wipes the virus from the periphery, leaving a persistent infection of the central nervous system (CNS). This constitutes a powerful model of neonatal viral encephalitis.
My project is now to fully characterize the local immune response, notably the repertoire of interferon stimulated genes specifically expressed by the different CNS cell types, using a comparative approach in mice and zebrafish. Beyond the role of these genes in virus restriction and in deleterious side effects of neuroinflammation, I want to test their contribution to the repair mechanisms activated after resolution of infection. The long-term goal would be to reduce the neurological sequelae of infectious meningo-encephalitis.

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