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Vendredi de Neuro-PSI le 26 janvier 2018

Vendredi 26 janvier à 11h00, en salle de conférences AlFred Fessard, bâtiment 32, CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette, Marion Baraban du Centre for Neuroregeneration, Centre for Discovery Brain Science, University of Edinburgh, UK, présente un exposé intitulé
« Ca2+ activity signatures of myelin sheath formation and growth in vivo »

Invitée par Jean-Stéphane Joly

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Marion Baraban performed her PhD in Dr Schneider-Maunoury lab, supervised by François Giudicelli. She then studied in vivo the axonal mRNA transport and local translation in neurons of the zebrafish embryo. She is currently a post-doc in Pr. Lyons group in Edimburg studying how neuronal activity regulates the formation and function of myelinated axons. She performs in vivo imaging that reveals distinct roes for local ca2+ signalling in myelin sheath stabilisation and growth. Her work was recently published in Nature Neuroscience and illuminates brightly the usefulness of the zebrafish model.


- Baraban M.1, Koudelka S. and Lyons D. A.1 Ca2+ activity signatures of myelin sheath formation and growth in vivo. (2018) Nature Neuroscience, 21(1), 19-23. 1 corresponding authors.

- Koudelka S., Voas M. G., Almeida R., Baraban M., Soetaert J., Meyer M. P., Talbot W. S. and Lyons D. A. (2016) Individual neuronal subtypes exhibit diversity in CNS myelination mediated by synaptic vesicle release. Current Biology, 26, 1447-55.

- Baraban M.*, Mensch S.* and Lyons D. A. (2016) Adaptive myelination from fish to man. Brain Research Review, 1641 :149-61. *equal contribution

- Mensch, S., Baraban, M., Almeida, R., Czopka, T., Ausborn, J., Manira, El, A. and Lyons, D. A. (2015). Synaptic vesicle release regulates myelin sheath number of individual oligodendrocytes in vivo. Nature Neuroscience, 18(5), 628–30.

- Baraban M., Anselme I., Schneider-Maunoury S. and Giudicelli F. (2013) Zebrafish embryonic neurons transport messenger RNA to axons and growth cones in vivo. the Journal of Neuroscience 33(40),15726-34. This paper has been selected by Editor’s choice, (2013) Science 342:535-537.


  • Friday 26 January 11:00-12:30 - Marion Baraban - Centre for Neuroregeneration, The University of Edinburgh, UK

    Ca2+ activity signatures of myelin sheath formation and growth in vivo

    Résumé : Invitée par Jean-Stéphane Joly

    Lieu : Salle de Conférences Alfred Fessard - Bâtiment 32 CNRS DR4, avenue de la Terrasse, Gif-Sur-Yvette

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