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Neuro-PSI Conference on September 7th

On Friday, September 7th at 11:00, Dr. Hansjürgen Volkmer from the Dept. Molecular Biology, NMI at the University of Tübingen (Germany) will give a talk on this following topic
« Receptor tyrosine kinases control the stabilization of GABAergic synapses in specific subcellular compartments. »



Invited by Valérie Doyère
- See the pdf



The talk will refer to the analysis of signaling pathways involved in interneuron synapse stabilization in rats. In a phenotypic genomic screen we identified receptor tyrosine kinase-dependent signaling cascades that converge on mTOR to control clustering of GABAergic synapses. A key finding is that different receptors account for the stabilization of interneuron synapses in different subcellular compartments. Examples for the functional impact after knockdown of specific receptors in different brain regions will be given.

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