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Neuro-PSI Conference on Dcember 21st

On Friday, December 21st at 11:00, Pr. Martin Deschênes from the Psychiatrie et neurosciences, Faculté de médecine, Centre de recherche CERVO, Québec will give a talk on this following topic
« Vibrissa motion :
motor strategies and facial expressions. »


- cervo.ulaval.ca/en/martin-deschenes

Abstract :

How does orofacial input trigger the expression of emotion ? Here I describe a trigeminal pathway for the conversion of orofacial sensory input into changes in facial expression. Viral tracing experiments in rodents reveal that vibrissa input to projection neurons in the interpolaris subnucleus of the spinal trigeminal complex give rise to a massive input to the dorsal medullary reticular nucleus and the dorsal horn of the cervical cord. Further, interpolaris neurons project to the Kolliker-Fuse/parabrachial complex, which innervates facial motoneurons in addition to the well described input to the ventral respiratory group for the control of breathing. Optogenetic stimulation of Kolliker-Fuse/parabrachial cells induces grimacing, which involves concurrent facial distortion, vibrissa protraction, and an apneic reaction. These observations suggest that vibrissa movements not only serve to gather tactile information, but are also used for the overt expression of emotional reactions.

Invited by Isabelle Férézou (UNIC)
- See the pdf


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