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NeWS Neuroscience Workshop Saclay 2017, June 8-9

The 2017 edition of
The Neuroscience Workshop Saclay (NeWS) has been held on the 8th and 9th of June 2017, focusing on :

Neural circuits and behavior : from cells to connectivity and function.

- See the website and find the abstracts & posters

- See the poster NeWS2017


This year, discussions have centered around the exciting question of the neural basis of behavior, from the cellular to the brain architecture scales. The conference has hosted 9 top plenary speakers working on topics ranging from the specification and function of individual cell-types, to the construction, organization and plasticity of connectivity diagrams and their significance in elaborating behaviors in health and disease :

- Valérie Castellani (INMG, Lyon, France)

- Tobias Donner (University of Hamburg, Germany)

- Mark Hübener (MPI-Martinsried, Germany)

- Stephen Goodwin (University of Oxford)

- Andreas Nieder (University of Tübingen, Germany)

- Russell Poldrack (Stanford, USA)

- Alejandro Schinder (Leloir Institute, Argentina)

- Fekrije Selimi (CIRB, Paris)

- Ian Wickersham (MIT, USA)


The NeWS organizing comitee.

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