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Positions available

The CASBAH group wishes to welcome L3, M1, M2 students for internships and PhD students on :

Importance of ribosome biogenesis in neuroepithelial stem cells (Supervision Françoise Jamen)

Nucleolar morphology in neuroepithelial stem cells and during differentiation (Supervision Jean-Michel Hermel)

Quiescence genes in neuroepithelial stem cells and other progenitors (Supervision Franck Bourrat/ Jean-Stéphane JOLY)

Evolution of the conveyor belt growth mode (Supervision Franck Bourrat)

A clonal analysis of optic tectum cell types (Supervision Jean-Michel Hermel Collaboration LEICA/TEFOR)

Regulatory logics in the neuroepithelial stem cells : in silico analyses (Supervision : Jean-Stéphane JOLY)

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