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Technical platforms

The DECA team is partner in the AMATRACE platform for the analysis of fish behavior, which is currently set up in Laure Bally-Cuif’s group (ZEN team of the Institute).

Our Astyanax fish facility :

Although it is not exactly a “platform”, we have set up an Astyanax facility in the central animal building (it is unique in France).
We are now breeding surface fish and two populations of cavefish : Pachón and Molino.
Thanks to the people who took care of them along the years, and who gave us valuable advices : Stéphane Père, Magalie Bouvet, Diane Denis, Matthieu Simion, Laurent Legendre.
We are also indebted to Bill Jeffery, who brought us in 2004 the first adults to start our colony, and who got us started in the Astyanax world.

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