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Team members

In case you are interested in our research and projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us :

Sylvie Rétaux
Researcher (DR1 CNRS), team leader
+33(0)169 82 34 52 -


François Agnes
Assistant Professor U Paris-Sud
+33(0)169 82 34 52 -


Carole Hyacinthe
Postdoc, Lidex NeuroSaclay
+33(0)169 82 34 30 -


Constance Pierre
stagiaire de Master2 UPMC
+33(0)169 82 34 30 -


Jorge Torres-Paz
Postdoc, Équipe FRM
+33(0)169 82 34 30 -


Lucie Devos
Doctorante Paris-Sud, Orsay
+33(0)169 82 41 48 -


Maryline Blin
Ingénieure (IE CNRS)
+33(0)169 82 41 29 -


Stéphane Père
Technicien (TCE CNRS)
+33(0)169 82 41 48 -


Victor Simon
Assistant Ingénieur (AI, CDD Équipe FRM)
+33(0)169 82 34 52 -


The current DECA group is composed of :

Carole Hyacinthe, Postdoc (financial support Lidex NeuroSaclay), studies the evolution of acoustic communication.

Constance Pierre, Master2 internship UPMC, studies the development of specific behaviors in larvae and juveniles.

Eugène Tine, Master2 internship Paris11-Orsay, studies neurogenesis in the olfactory system.

Jorge Torres-Paz, Postdoc (financial support Equipe FRM), Postdoc, studies the evolution of neuromodulatory neurotransmitters and their behavioral consequences.

Lucie Devos, PhD student of University Paris11-Orsay (DIM Cerveau et Pensée), studies the development and morphogenesis of Astyanax anterior neural tube.

Maryline Blin, Engineer (IE CNRS), is our lab manager, specialist of histological and embryological techniques, and studies the evolution of the olfactory system.

Stéphane Père, Technician (TCS CNRS), takes care of our Astyanax colony.

Sylvie Rétaux, Research Director (DR1 CNRS), is team leader.

Victor Simon, Assistant Engineer (AI, CDD supported by Equipe FRM), improves our Astyanax fish facility.

Alumni :

Vieri Failli, Bertrand Mollé, Isabelle Bachy, Arnaud Menuet, Jean-Baptiste Pénigault, Joana Osorio, Adèle Guérin, Yohann Mérot, Carole Hyacinthe, Amandine Bery, Karen Pottin, Shungo Kano, Jini Xiao, Lise Prunier, Yoni Bibliowicz, Hélène Hinaux, Yannick Elipot, Alexandre Alié.

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