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The team is a member of the « Doctoral School 419, BioSigne », University Paris-Sud

The team is a member of the Paris-School of Neuroscience.


Philippe Vernier has contributed to the following teaching courses :

  • Organization of two modules of the Master “Physics-Biology Interface“ (University Paris-Diderot & Paris-Sud). The first module “from Mendel to gene therapy“ (36 hours) is co-organized with Michel Vervoort and Franck Bourrat. The second one is dedicated to neuroscience “Models in Neurobiology” (34 hours). This module can be teached in English if requested by the students.
  • Organization with Pr Gérard Tachdjian of a module “Evolution & Development“ Master 2, in the Option Reproduction & Development, University Paris-Diderot & Paris-Sud (34 hours). Courses are partly in English.
  • Organization of the Biology course of the “Ecole de l’Inserm“ (with Serge Birman and Jean-Louis Bessereau).


Contribution to several Master teaching courses :

- Master 1 « Biology and innovating therapeutics of major functions » (BTIGF), Faculté of Medicine Kremlin Bicêtre, University Paris-Sud.

- Master 2 « Dévelopment of the Nervous System » University Pierre et Marie Curie.

- Master 2 : « Evo-Devo ». École Normale Supérieure, Paris.

- Master 2 « Human and animal behavior » Université de Rennes.

- Pasteur teaching course on : « Development and Plasticity of the Nervous System ».

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