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Development and Evolution of the Neural Crest

Group leader : Sophie Creuzet

The research themes of the group are centered on the understanding of the mechanisms whereby the neural crest contributes to vertebrate ontogenesis and its role in the evolution of the vertebrate phylum.

Scientific Projects :

The neural crest is transient structure of the vertebrate embryo that develops at the margin of the central nervous system At cephalic level, the neural crest generates most of the skeletal tissues encasing the developing forebrain and provides the prosencephalon with functional vasculature and meninges.

The objectives of our project are to identify the molecular mechanisms whereby the cephalic NC controls early brain morphogenesis. More specifically, we propose to deepen the understanding of the developmental integration of signaling mediated by the NC for cephalic neurulation and brain development.

Our project aims at extending the coverage of NC beyond its skeletal vascular and meningeal contribution to forebrain development, to the demonstration that the cephalic NC itself acts as a “ dorsalizing brain organizer ”.

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