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Cognition & Emotion

Team leaders : Valérie Doyère, Nicole El Massioui

Executive functions are integrative functions that include all cognitive processing necessary to perform correctly complex tasks such as perceptual analysis of the environment, selection of relevant information, attention and working memory, and temporal and/or sequential information processing. These functions allow the elaboration of response sequences, the planning of motor programs through complete execution, but also the ability to change plans when environmental signals vary or when new relevant signals appear.
The project of our team is organized around different stages of associative learning and retention :

1) temporal and/or sequential information processing,
2) emotionnal modulation of these functions.

The methodology used is based on the complementarity of pharmacological, molecular, electrophysiological and behavioral techniques, in normal or pathological subjects. Studies of behavior modulation by emotion and of the role of amygdala will complete our analyses.

Our team is associated with ED419 Bio-sigNE from University Paris-Sud.

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