The Multidimensional Brain


Director : Daniel E. Shulz

The different research teams at UNIC focus on three closely linked scientific issues :
- 1) characterizing the synaptic and cellular mechanisms engaged in the ongoing activation state and sensory evoked neural dynamics in cortical-like structures (during development and adulthood);
- 2) explaining/modeling the emergence of low-level perception correlates in primary sensory cortical areas;
- 3) explaining/modeling the influence of lateral (intrinsic) and top-down (extrinsic) feedback connectivities.



Visual cognitive sciences
Dir. Yves Frégnac and Cyril Monier


Somatosensory processing, neuromodulation and plasticity
Dir. Daniel Shulz

Neurocybernetics of thalamic and cortical networks

Dir. Thierry Bal

Computational Neurosciences and thalamo-cortical dynamics

Dir. Alain Destexhe

Neuroinformatics for data-driven modeling and neuromorphic computing

Dir. Andrew Davison

Cortical processing of multisensory integration and amodal perception

Dir. Brice Bathellier


The research at UNIC is supported by the CNRS, the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), Idex grants from Paris-Saclay (NeuroSaclay and I-Code), EC-grants from the Future Emerging Technology (FET) Directorate of the European Brain Community, and the « Human Brain Project » Flagship.
UNIC is also in charge of two international antennae, the French node of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facilities (INCF) (dir : Yves Frégnac and Andrew Davison) and the European Institute of Theoretical Neuroscience (EITN, dir: Alain Destexhe).


  • Tribute to Karlheinz Meier
    Karlheinz was a dear friend, a unique person, a Man of Science that we will always remember, a man of integrity whom we will honor, a man of vision for his physicist and biologist colleagues. This letter was written on behalf of his friends at UNIC, and all the interdisciplinary PIs and students who participated in this incredible scientific journey under his guidance.
    Yves Frégnac Director of UNIC and Biology coordinator of FACETS and BrainScaleS.

- To read the letter (pdf)

- Read more on the HBP website : Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Meier’s Colleagues Pay Tribute To An HBP Hero




Understanding consciousness a scientific quest for the 21th century

The Human Brain Project organizes an International Conference on Understanding consciousness a scientific quest for the 21th century, taking place Barcelona on June 21-22, 2018.


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