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Conférence Neurospin


Lundi 19 novembre 2018 - 10h00, Amphi NeuroSpin
Centre d’études de Saclay

« Transient dynamic brain networks in MEG and fMRI »

Mark Woolrich, Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity

Abstract :

In recent years interest has grown in the study of large-scale networks of functionally specific brain regions. However, it is unclear how the apparently slow dynamics typically associated with fMRI resting state networks relate to the much faster time scales of cognitive processing. In this talk I will present a new perspective, using hidden Markov models and a combination of fMRI and MEG data to reveal how different networks switch on and off over time across a range of time-scales. In MEG, we see switching at fast 50-100ms time-scales, characterised by transient bursts of phase-locking networks. In resting MEG and fMRI, we established that the switching is not random, with certain transitions being much more frequent than others. Intriguingly, we found that there was a tendency for the brain to either switch between networks associated with sensorimotor processing, or to switch between networks associated with more complex cognition, with only occasional switches between the two types. The patterns of this dynamic switching was also found to be heritable, and related to the individual subject’s psychology.




  • Monday 19 November 11:00-12:30 - Mark Woolrich - Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity

    Transient dynamic brain networks in MEG and fMRI

    Résumé : Conférence Neurospin

    Lieu : Neurospin - Bâtiment 145, CEA Gif-sur-Yvette

    Notes de dernières minutes :

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