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Conférence Neurospin


Lundi 18 mars 2019 - 11h00, Amphi NeuroSpin
Centre d’études de Saclay

« DataIA : the Paris Saclay institute for Data Science, AI and Society »

Bertrand Thirion – NeuroSpin/INRIA

Abstract :

In this talk, I will present the DataIA Convergence Institute (http://dataia.eu) and the program it develops to foster AI and data science in the Paris-Saclay ecosystem, while studying their impact on society.

To illustrate the impact of data science on brain imaging and outline possible joint collaborations for the future, I will take the example of the Autism challenge (paris-saclay-cds.github.io/autism_challenge/) , organized by Pasteur and the Saclay Center for Data Science, to set up better classification models for the diagnosis of autism based on brain imaging.




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