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Conférence Neurospin

Lundi 16 avril 2018 - 10h00, Amphi NeuroSpin
Centre d’études de Saclay

« Latest developments in Neurophysiology of States of Consciousness : From Mechanistic Principles to Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools »

Jacobo Sitt – NeuroSpin/UNICOG


Abstract :

Uncovering the neural mechanisms that allow conscious access to information is a major challenge of neuroscience. An incomplete list of still open questions include, What are the necessary brain computational properties to permit access to a stream of conscious contents ? What is the relationship between conscious perception, self-awareness and multisensory processing of bodily signals ? How these processes change when the brain transitions to an ‘unconscious’ state (like sleep, anaesthesia or pathological conditions) ? Can we externally trigger state-of-consciousness (SOC) transitions by means of stimulation ? In this presentation I will present my work focus in these relevant scientific and clinical questions.



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