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Conférence Neurospin

Lundi 27 novembre 2017 - 11h00, Amphi NeuroSpin
Centre d’études de Saclay,

« Debate on artificial intelligence »


Gary Marcus, New York University

Abstract :

For the next Monday seminar, we will watch together a 20-minute presentation by Gary Marcus (NYU). This talk is part of a debate recorded at NYU between Gary Marcus (a cognitive psychologist, searching the primitives of language during its acquisition by children) and Yann Le Cun (an artificial intelligence researcher, famous for his work on deep convolutional networks). The former argues that intelligent agents (like babies) have very structured representations, some of which may be innate whereas the latter argues that structure can be discovered by (or will be in near future) deep, generic network starting from scratch.

The full debate (including presentations by Marcus and LeCun, and then questions and answers is available on YouTube :
- www.youtube.com

After watching Marcus’ talk, Christophe Pallier will initiate the discussion by sharing his thoughts and everybody will then be invited to contribute.



  • Lundi 27 novembre 11:00-12:30 - Gary Marcus - New York University

    Debate on artificial intelligence

    Résumé : Conférence Neurospin

    Lieu : Neurospin - Bâtiment 145, CEA Gif-sur-Yvette

    Notes de dernières minutes :

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