Le cerveau multidimensionnel

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- Direction of the International Graduate Program of the ENP

- Participation in the course on "Animal Models for Research in Psychiatry and Neurodegeneration", University years 1-3, Paris XI.

- Participation in the Master course on « Physiopathology of the Nervous System », ENS Cachan

- Participation in the Bachelor course on "Neuropharmacology", University Paris XI.

- Participation in the Neuroscience Pasteur Master course on "Development and Plasticity of the Nervous System", University Paris VI and Pasteur Institute.

- Participation in the PhD course on "Translational Research in Neurobiological Diseases", Doctoral School 419, University Paris XI.

- Participation in the PhD course « Mechanisms of Development in Plant and Animals », EU Doctoral program of ENS-Lyon

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