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Offre d’emploi de Post-doc

Post-doc in Evolution of neuro-development and behavior in cavefish.

Gif sur Yvette, France

The candidate will contribute to a project funded by an “Equipe FRM” grant aiming at linking the evolution of genetic mechanisms of development of the forebrain and associated neuronal circuits with the changes in the behaviors they control. The model species used is Astyanax mexicanus, a teleost fish in which some populations have evolved a cavefish phenotype, including important morphological (blind and de-pigmented) and behavioral modifications.

Project title : Morphological and functional evolution of the nervous system in the blind cavefish Astyanax mexicanus : from development to behavior.

The candidate will work in the DECA team (Développement et Evolution du Cerveau Antérieur/Development and Evolution of the Forebrain) headed by Sylvie Rétaux, in the Neuroscience Paris Saclay Institute (Neuro-PSI) on the CNRS campus of Gif sur Yvette (25km south of Paris). His/her central project will be to develop and perform comparative behavioral analyses on Astyanax cavefish and surface fish.

We are seeking candidatures of highly motivated individuals, preferably with background in neuroscience and fish developmental biology. Interest for evolutionary biology will be appreciated.

The 2 years postdoctoral fellowship will start 1st October 2015 (with possible one year extension).

Candidates should send a CV, a motivation letter and 2 recommendations to Sylvie Retaux :

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